Why Do You Need Travel Insurance?


Why do you need travel insurance?

The idea behind travelling is to enjoy a vacation or otherwise relax and have a fun time. But there’s that nagging thought in the back of your mind wondering what will happen to you if something unexpected and potentially catastrophic occurs? Will you be able to afford it? That’s where travel insurance comes into play as having it can put your mind even more at ease when you’re lounging on that beach in Thailand, drinking wine in France or exploring the Australian outback.

In fact, having travel insurance can really be the saviour to ensuring that you have a great trip, and the reasons why and benefits that you enjoy as a result of taking advantage of it are truly significant.


You have packed your bags with care, ensuring that your every expected need is going to be taken care of once you arrive at your destination. However, what happens if the airline or other transportation provider loses your luggage? Or maybe it’s not lost, but it will be delayed for 24 hours or even longer. Regardless, you will not have access to your luggage for at least an extended time period. What do you do now? If you have cover for this, the level of stress that you experience will be significantly reduced.


If your flight is cancelled due to something weather-related, the airline is not required to provide you with any sort of accommodation or other types of compensation and most likely won’t. If the company that is providing you with your transportation, accommodation or other travel-related amenities goes out of business, you might lose all of that money. A terrorist incident at your destination or en route to it could also cause your plans to be cancelled without any financial recourse for you, unless you have taken advantage of travel insurance and are covered for eventualities such as these.

Illnesses and Injuries

Being covered medically is a major consideration for many while at home, and the same concern should be taken when going abroad. This is especially significant for travellers since the medical insurance that you are using in your home country may not cover you on your trip. If you suffer from a significant illness or get into a serious accident on the ski slopes or while driving, you want to be covered. Do note that if you will, in fact, be doing something like skiing or scuba diving, you’ll want to make sure that you’re covered for any injuries that result from those types of  activities, and may pay an additional premium.


You might need to be evacuated from where you are for a number of reasons. These can be medically related in that you need to get transported to a hospital that can take care of your condition or possibly even to your home country. Perhaps a natural disaster, terrorist incident or political unrest has caused where you are to no longer be as safe as it was when you arrived, and you need to get out of there. Doing so without travel insurance can be quite costly since many will likely be in the same boat as you.

Now, What Do I Do?

Make sure to start researching travel insurance options to determine which one would work for you around the time that you make your first trip-related purchase as the best time to secure travel insurance is within a week and a half of them. That’s because much of what you are being protected for is related to things that could happen to your trip before you even depart, so you want to ensure that you’re protected early on.

When you’re embarking on the research process, see that you’re covered for everything that you might need and look over the plans carefully. For example, if you want to go parachuting, rock climbing or bungee jumping while abroad, ensure that your travel insurance covers you for those activities as some may not unless you expand the coverage that you are purchasing a little. Also make sure that the countries on your itinerary are covered.

Guest blog written for ConsularAssist by Jericka Lambourne of Reviews.com