When only a Superhero will do!

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Consularcare provides immediate support, expert advice and dedicated resolution services with our team of specialists who are on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in 198 countries, in the event of a short-term crisis or a complex catastrophe.

One such crisis occurred when 19-year-old Matthew went travelling to Asia. Matt has Type 1 diabetes, and when he fell ill with gastroenteritis, he found himself in intensive care in a Thai hospital. A number of issues ensued, and Matt’s poor mother was confronted by hostile authority figures, demanding money and refusing to let them leave the country. When Consularcare’s In-Country Agent resolved everything, Matt’s mum had this to say: “Mark was fantastic. He spoke Thai and was my go-between for the hospital and insurance company. He gave practical advice and moral support in equal measures and reassured me that we would get through this. He called when he said he would, and he followed up on everything as promised. He was genuinely concerned. The insurance company finally paid 80% of the hospital fees, and we were told we could leave. Mark made sure that immigration had been advised before we set off for home and he got in touch when we were back in the UK to find out how Matt was. I cannot praise the services of Consularcare enough and Mark, in particular.”

We are based in the UK, where we have a team of experienced former diplomats, but to deliver the service effectively at the sharp end, i.e., in the country where the incident happens, we have built up a worldwide network of In-Country Agents (ICAs), like Mark, who provide the company’s eyes and ears on the ground.

When we recruit ICAs, we look for people who are calm under pressure, understand the local culture and language, can resolve an issue and support the traveller through their own initiative and drive. Wearing underpants outside of trousers is not compulsory, and we’re still negotiating on the cape because we want our ICAs to be the superheroes who save the day for our clients; just like Mark did for Matt and his mum.

We are currently expanding our ICA network and capacity, so, if you live abroad, are interested in ad-hoc consultancy work, have the qualities we seek and would like to share your expertise and impart your local knowledge to those in need, complete this application. Full details of the ConsularCare In Country Agent role are available here, and if you have any questions about joining the team, just give us a call on 0203 1981890.