P J Hayman includes ConsularAssist in its extended stay travel insurance policies


ConsularAssist available with P J Hayman Longstay travel insurance

We are delighted to announce that our ConsularAssist solution is now included in P J Hayman’s Longstay and Backpacker Travel Insurance. We partnered with P J Hayman in June 2016 when the company added ConsularAssist to its revamped Travel Plus scheme.
Founded in 1990, P J Hayman works closely with insurance underwriters and service providers to create specific solutions to meet client needs. Adding consular assistance to those policies provides customers with added value and immeasurable peace of mind in the event of an incident abroad. Peter Hayman comments: “Having already included ConsularAssist in our main Travel Plus product, we chose our extended stay travel insurances as the next suitable product. Travellers, including backpackers, are often adventurous and keen to experience every aspect of the countries they visit; they can sometimes find themselves in difficult situations in locations that are off the beaten track. Having Consularcare available to assist, will bring them, and their parents, peace of mind.”
Whether you are travelling the globe on a gap-year trip, finding your inner Julia Roberts on your own Eat, Pray, Love adventure or spending your retirement fund seeing the countries on your bucket list, extended stay travel is an exciting prospect that warrants careful planning and execution. We’re not suggesting you abandon your dreams of spontaneity, merely that you make sure you have adequate protection in place if the unexpected happens and you find yourself in need of some help and support whilst abroad.
It’s a fact of life that restrictions in resources mean that you cannot and should not expect the government to rush to your aid if things go wrong when you’re travelling. You may need help, though, say if your passport is stolen, you get arrested, or you are hospitalised. ConsularAssist was developed to make sure you can have access to that assistance, and more, 24/7; we bridge the gap between the limited consular support available from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and what you may need in an uncertain and ever-changing global environment. The FCO is under no obligation to provide consular assistance, and when you consider, in 2015-16, it received over 600,000 consular enquiries from British Nationals overseas, but only 18,179 received personal assistance, you can appreciate the chasm between supply and need.
It’s not rocket science that the longer you are away and the more countries you visit, the higher the chances that something can go wrong. When you add the sense of adventure and frequently chosen destinations associated with long stay travel to the mix, you can appreciate the importance of adequate and comprehensive travel insurance. Save your scrimping and saving for your food budget, and make sure you invest wisely in your travel insurance.