Foreign business travel presents your company with great opportunities in today’s global marketplace but it is also fraught with potential problems and dangers.

Consularcare’s training programme equips your staff with the need-to-know information that will help them to stay safe and confident of their ability to deal with incidents abroad.

Your company has a duty of care towards its employees’ health, safety and wellbeing. But caring for staff away on business can be tricky, especially when they’re thousands of miles away. The right pre-travel advice helps prepare staff for a safe, productive business trip, and ensure employees and companies know how to handle incidents. Anywhere. Anytime. All the time.

The Consularcare training programme is designed to meet your specific travel needs and prepare staff for travel in a fun, memorable way. Led by former diplomats, the workshops can be delivered within the workplace or at a venue of your choice. They also help you to demonstrate to staff that you care and value them, which in itself helps build trust, boost productivity and improve staff retention. Now what employer wouldn’t want that?