Consularcare comes to the aid of seriously ill backpacker


After months of deliberating, pondering and planning, countless conversations reassuring parents that this is what you “really want to do” – you’re ready to go travelling!

You are about to join thousands of like-minded people who wish to take some time out from studying, or have a break from work, to go and explore the planet. And there really are some jaw-dropping views and spine-tingling moments to take in! You’ve done all the research and you’ve told your friends and family of your route and destinations. Concerned parents have done all they can to make sure that you’re prepared for your big adventure. But how can you expect the unexpected?

Here at Consularcare, our team of former diplomats has dealt with a broad range of unexpected incidences and we want to share the story of Matthew Deaville with you. Matt was bound for Asia. As he was waved off at the airport, little did he know what was about to unfold. It was on the beautifully tropical Phi Phi Island that the unforeseeable soon became a distinct and vivid reality.

Illness struck and emergency medical attention became a necessity as his condition worsened. Despite the best efforts of the island’s medical centre, it became evident that greater assistance was required, and Matt was transported by speedboat to Phuket Island, where he was admitted to the only available intensive care unit.

However, this was only the start of a difficult and stressful period for Matt and his parents, which Consularcare was able to resolve, once they were made aware of the problems. Read the full Matt Deaville Case Study and see what Matt’s mum had to say about the difference Consularcare made for her.