Travel insurance reimburses you for financial losses as a result of insured events. What it doesn’t do is support you at the time of the loss. Dealing with officials and foreign bureaucracy at a stressful time is not easy but ConsularAssist is the turnkey solution for anyone undertaking foreign travel.

A stolen wallet, a lost passport, an accident- let’s face it, anything can happen to anyone at any time. But when you’re travelling abroad, handling a tricky situation can be particularly challenging. Especially as travel insurance policies typically only cover the cost of an incident. They won’t help manage or resolve the situation.

ConsularAssist steps in when others can’t, don’t or won’t; by helping you, whether you are travelling for personal reasons or for business travel, when you need help most. Whatever the incident, wherever you are in the world, our team-led by former diplomats-will liaise with the consulate, police and all other relevant parties to resolve a crisis. Quickly and calmly. Smoothly and efficiently. Reducing time, stress and costs. Invaluable reassurance for corporate clients as well as those travelling for leisure purposes.