Best Practice in Safe Business Travel


Consularcare's top tips for safe business travel

When it comes to best practice in business travel, there is a broad range of topics to consider. For this article, we will look at the key areas that impact the well-being of the individual and the reputation of their employer.

Travelling abroad for any purpose has its risks, and in ..Read more

ConsularAssist can complete the tracking journey


ConsularAssist can complete the tracking journey

Wherever your people are travelling to and for whatever purpose, today’s world is too uncertain not to entertain the risks associated with travel. Tracking solutions definitely tick a lot of duty of care, crisis management and disaster recovery boxes when sending employees abroad on business. The range of tracking products ..Read more

Thinking about Working Abroad?


working visa

The world is just one big global marketplace now, isn’t it? The opportunities for us to soak up some sunshine whilst we live and work abroad must be easier now, mustn’t they? In theory, the opportunities are greater, but in practice bureaucracy will probably render you a professional hoop jumper ..Read more

Does your Duty of Care Extend to Foreign Business Travel?


Although the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974’s jurisdiction is limited to UK territory and

territorial waters, offshore installations and UK registered ships and aircraft, employment legislation

and common law provide protection for employees travelling abroad for business. As the world

becomes increasingly interconnected and the global marketplace becomes ..Read more