Travel Friction Report Highlights the Need to Protect Travelling Staff


Travel friction report and why we need to protect business travelling staff

Travel friction is the relatively new term used to describe the negative impact on a person’s wellbeing caused by business travel. Whilst it is generally applied to frequent travellers, the stress related to travel can apply to any mobile member of the workforce. The negative impact of travel friction include ..Read more

Consularcare Top Tips for Keeping your Family Safe on Holiday


Keep you family safe on holiday with Consularcare Top Tips

Although we all want to relax and enjoy ourselves when we go on holiday, when we travel with our family we still wear our ‘protector’ hats, and our familial duties to keep everyone safe and secure remain a priority. We don’t want to put a dampener on your fortnight in ..Read more

Using Social Media in a Travel Crisis


According to statista¹ 1.71 billion people use Facebook, 1 billion use WhatsApp, 500 million use Instagram, and 313 million use Twitter, so it is natural that, in the event of an incident or crisis abroad, the public takes up its smartphones and shares the news on social media.

Following the Paris ..Read more

How safe is your child when they’re gap year travelling?


gap year safety

The headlines are full of horrific incidents affecting travellers abroad, but if your child is planning a Gap Year it is important to remember that thousands of students travel safely every year, and with adequate precautions, there is no reason why your precious offspring shouldn’t be one of them. We’ve ..Read more

Budgeting for your Gap Year


Gap Year Budget

Despite the increased costs of a university education, it remains very popular amongst UK students to take a gap year to see the world. Some choose to wait until they graduate, and some travel between A levels and Uni, using the time to experience different cultures, make plans for the ..Read more

Ten Things You Need to Know Before You Travel


ten things you need to know before you travel

Business travel can be stressful, particularly if you are venturing into unknown territory; not just geographically, but also culturally. You are not just responsible for yourself, your wellbeing, your possessions and your business agenda, you are also responsible for your organisation’s reputation. No pressure then! Here are Consularcare’s top ten ..Read more

Proud Partners with Travel Insurance Intermediary, PJ Hayman


We are delighted to announce our partnership with travel insurance intermediary P J Hayman. From 1 June, 2016, Consularcare’s ConsularAssist solution will be included in P J Hayman’s revamped Travel Plus scheme.
Founded in 1990, P J Hayman works closely with insurance underwriters and service providers to create specific solutions to ..Read more