Welcome to Will Sommerville


Consularcare welcomes new Business Development Director

We are delighted to welcome Will Sommerville to the team; he will play a pivotal role in the company as our new Business Development Director. Will has over 20 years’ experience in sales and business development, much of which was earned in the insurance and assistance industries, including key roles ..Read more

Why you should hold all your business meetings in Reykjavik- Consularcare looks at the world’s most dangerous business travel destinations


The world is a busy and thriving marketplace, and during these politically uncertain times more businesses are broadening their horizons and setting their sights on global opportunities and contracts. In order to achieve this, and to forge and maintain international corporate relationships, it is inevitably necessary to travel to far-flung ..Read more

If you need help when you are abroad, who are you going to call?


Business travel can take you or your staff to the furthest corners of the planet; giving exposure to different cultures, underdeveloped countries, and to hostile environments. There are lots of solutions on the market to protect travellers, but is there a one size fits all service?

The answer to that would ..Read more