Consularcare comes to the aid of seriously ill backpacker


After months of deliberating, pondering and planning, countless conversations reassuring parents that this is what you “really want to do” – you’re ready to go travelling!

You are about to join thousands of like-minded people who wish to take some time out from studying, or have a break from work, to ..Read more

The grave facts about gap years


dangers of gap year travelling

Every year, many people travel around the world, donning a backpack in search of adventure, and most of them return home without incident. However, the world can be a dangerous place, and there is always a risk that travellers won’t return home in the same or better condition than they ..Read more

How safe is your child when they’re gap year travelling?


gap year safety

The headlines are full of horrific incidents affecting travellers abroad, but if your child is planning a Gap Year it is important to remember that thousands of students travel safely every year, and with adequate precautions, there is no reason why your precious offspring shouldn’t be one of them. We’ve ..Read more

Budgeting for your Gap Year


Gap Year Budget

Despite the increased costs of a university education, it remains very popular amongst UK students to take a gap year to see the world. Some choose to wait until they graduate, and some travel between A levels and Uni, using the time to experience different cultures, make plans for the ..Read more

Thinking about Working Abroad?


working visa

The world is just one big global marketplace now, isn’t it? The opportunities for us to soak up some sunshine whilst we live and work abroad must be easier now, mustn’t they? In theory, the opportunities are greater, but in practice bureaucracy will probably render you a professional hoop jumper ..Read more