Consularcare Top Tips for Keeping your Family Safe on Holiday


Keep you family safe on holiday with Consularcare Top Tips

Although we all want to relax and enjoy ourselves when we go on holiday, when we travel with our family we still wear our ‘protector’ hats, and our familial duties to keep everyone safe and secure remain a priority. We don’t want to put a dampener on your fortnight in ..Read more

Has your Travel Insurance got your back?


Travel the world without worry with ConsularAssist

The risks associated with travelling abroad have been steadily increasing for a number of years; the political changes and events of 2016 have done nothing to quell the situation. Whether you are travelling for leisure or business, the need for travel insurance cannot be ignored, and whilst the same can ..Read more

Why you should hold all your business meetings in Reykjavik- Consularcare looks at the world’s most dangerous business travel destinations


The world is a busy and thriving marketplace, and during these politically uncertain times more businesses are broadening their horizons and setting their sights on global opportunities and contracts. In order to achieve this, and to forge and maintain international corporate relationships, it is inevitably necessary to travel to far-flung ..Read more

Sometimes you need more than FCO Advice


Along with many other government departments, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has received a financial battering since austerity measures were brought in, and the department has had to make operational changes to make its budget go further. One of those changes has been the number of foreign embassies and ..Read more

If you need help when you are abroad, who are you going to call?


Business travel can take you or your staff to the furthest corners of the planet; giving exposure to different cultures, underdeveloped countries, and to hostile environments. There are lots of solutions on the market to protect travellers, but is there a one size fits all service?

The answer to that would ..Read more

We welcome Stuart Birch to the Consularcare team


We are delighted to announce that Stuart Birch has joined the Consularcare team as our Business Development Director. Since graduating from the University of West England with a BEng (Hons) degree in Digital Systems Engineering, Stuart’s career has developed organically, with his underlying passion and skills in business management and ..Read more

Brexit, the Foreign Office and what it means to Joe Public


Brexit and the Foreign Office

Now that the news has sunk in, whether you were a staunch Brexiter or an adamant remainer, the fact is that the UK has voted to leave the EU. Everything we hear and read about Brexit is only supposition, because as an unprecedented event, even the experts can only surmise ..Read more

Sousse attack -what can we learn from this tragedy?


Remembering the victims of the Sousse attack


Just over a year ago, many Britons tragically lost their lives, and many more were seriously wounded, in the Sousse attack in Tunisia. On the anniversary, the Consularcare team shared a minute of silence and reflection as we thought of all the victims of the mass shooting and their families.

After ..Read more