How much will the UK Government do for me in a foreign crisis?


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You’re off on your travels; be it a package holiday, a year’s backpacking or yet another business trip; you’ve taken out travel insurance, so you’ll be okay if you lose your laptop; and if something catastrophic occurs, you’ll just contact the British Embassy or High Commission and you’ll get government help to sort it ..Read more

Does your Duty of Care Extend to Foreign Business Travel?


Although the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974’s jurisdiction is limited to UK territory and

territorial waters, offshore installations and UK registered ships and aircraft, employment legislation

and common law provide protection for employees travelling abroad for business. As the world

becomes increasingly interconnected and the global marketplace becomes ..Read more

What can you do to protect your child when they go backpacking?


Consularassist can provide help if the worst happens when backpacking

“I’ve decided to go backpacking for a year!” When your child utters those words, your blood freezes

and you know that you will not sleep again until they return safely to the nest. On the one hand, you

are proud to have raised an adventurous, brave pioneer; and on the other, every ..Read more