Brexit, the Foreign Office and what it means to Joe Public


Brexit and the Foreign Office

Now that the news has sunk in, whether you were a staunch Brexiter or an adamant remainer, the fact is that the UK has voted to leave the EU. Everything we hear and read about Brexit is only supposition, because as an unprecedented event, even the experts can only surmise ..Read more

Dying to know the stats about deaths abroad?


deaths abroad

If you’re travelling abroad, whether it is for business or pleasure, you probably don’t want to give too much thought to the possibility of dying whilst you’re away. The statistics for deaths overseas probably won’t influence your choice of destination a great deal, but they do make for some interesting ..Read more

Sousse attack -what can we learn from this tragedy?


Remembering the victims of the Sousse attack


Just over a year ago, many Britons tragically lost their lives, and many more were seriously wounded, in the Sousse attack in Tunisia. On the anniversary, the Consularcare team shared a minute of silence and reflection as we thought of all the victims of the mass shooting and their families.

After ..Read more

Boyd McCleary joins Consularcare as an Adviser


Boyd McCleary

Former Governor of the British Virgin Islands Boyd McCleary CMG, CVO has joined Consularcare as an adviser.

With his 40 years as a senior diplomat, including a stint as High Commissioner to Malaysia and key roles in the FCO and UKTI, Boyd brings an unprecedented level of international experience to the ..Read more

Proud Partners with Travel Insurance Intermediary, PJ Hayman


We are delighted to announce our partnership with travel insurance intermediary P J Hayman. From 1 June, 2016, Consularcare’s ConsularAssist solution will be included in P J Hayman’s revamped Travel Plus scheme.
Founded in 1990, P J Hayman works closely with insurance underwriters and service providers to create specific solutions to ..Read more

Thinking about Working Abroad?


working visa

The world is just one big global marketplace now, isn’t it? The opportunities for us to soak up some sunshine whilst we live and work abroad must be easier now, mustn’t they? In theory, the opportunities are greater, but in practice bureaucracy will probably render you a professional hoop jumper ..Read more

Duty of Care, the Buck Stops with You


Whilst Duty of Care may have become a hot topic in recent years; it is not a new phenomenon. Employers have been governed by occupational health and safety legislation since before the 1974 Act and the formation of its associated Health and Safety Commission. However, including business travel in the ..Read more

Protect yourself and your Staff from Express Kidnapping


You’d be forgiven for thinking that kidnapping, in any form, is a bit passé, when alternate routes to ill-gotten gains such as cyber-crime provide criminals with less risk of being caught and minimal consequences if they are. But short-term opportunist kidnapping, known as express kidnapping, is on the rise across ..Read more

Consularcare Launches New Website


Consularcare launches new website

Consularcare is excited to unveil its new website which provides the perfect platform to showcase its extensive range of excellent solutions. Consularcare is a provider of consular services to the private sector. If any person travelling for leisure or business gets into any type of difficulty abroad, Consularcare offers a ..Read more

Help! I’ve Lost my Passport


Losing important documents, such as your passport, whilst abroad is a headache we would all rather be without. It impacts on your trip and, depending on where in the world you are, can become a bureaucratic nightmare. So what should you do?
Before you travel, make sure you have copies of ..Read more